Viewing email logs


On the REPORTS menu, under either the Realtime or Logs submenu click Email.

  • To export the logs, click Export and follow the browser instructions to save the results.csv file to a local directory.
  • To view the logs in real time or stop viewing logs in real time, click Realtime.
  • To filter the information:
    • On the graph, find the time that you're interested in and click it. The Smoothwall Filter and Firewall displays what was logged at the time you clicked on.
    • Click in the date and time picker and specify when to search from. Click Apply. Smoothwall displays the results from the time specified and two hours forward.
  • To change the view, click Advanced » and either select or clear the options to display or hide the columns in the table.
  • To filter the information by either Sender, Recipient, or Subject, enter one or more search terms.