Email Page

Use this page to view logs that contain details about email activity.

Navigation: REPORTS > Logs > Email.

Export Downloads a .CSV file in your browser automatically that contains the data displayed in the table.
Graph On the graph, find the time that you're interested in and click it. The Smoothwall Filter and Firewall displays what was logged at the time you clicked on.
«Earlier Scrolls the data to an earlier point time.
Realtime Shows data for activities that are happening now.
Later» Scrolls the data to a later point time.
Date and time The current date and time. Click in the box to open the date picker so that you can choose a specific date.
Advanced » Expands to show the Show table columns section so that you can select the table columns to display or clear the selection to hide the column. To collapse the section, click «Advanced.
Time When the messages were sent. Smoothwall displays the results from the time specified and two hours forward.
Sender Whom sent the email messages.
Recipient Whom the email messages are for.
Subject The subject line of the email messages.
Spam Messages that have been classified as spam. The Antispam module has now been deprecated.