About domains, URL and search terms excluded from the full report

From time-to-time, you might want to exclude certain domains, URLs, or search terms from the Safeguarding Full report. For example, schools doing projects about Ancient Egyptian mythology might find the search term "Isis" being frequently reported as a breach as students might be researching that goddess. Any exclusions made on your Smoothwall are sent back to our content filter servers to help us improve our blocklists and web categorization.

Note: You can't add domains, URLs, or search terms to the exclusion list manually. These must be added from the Safeguarding Full report page.


When you exclude a domain, subdomains and top-level domains (TLDs) aren't excluded automatically. For example, if you exclude www.google.com, this doesn't exclude www.google.co.uk or mail.google.com. Also, when you exclude a domain in the report, the domain is only excluded for the ruleset that the breach was for. For example, if you exclude www.google.com from the Radicalization ruleset, it isn't excluded from the safeguarding report for the other rulesets, such as Bullying or Suicide.


You can exclude either the whole URL, or just the domain segment. For example, if the breach was for: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drug, you can choose whether to exclude: https://en.wikipedia.org/ or the whole URL.

Search terms

Excluding a search term only excludes that search term. You can't, and shouldn't, exclude the search engine used. You can only exclude search terms from the single user view of the safeguarding full report.