Creating notifications


  • You must configure email groups for those specified users who receive Safeguarding notifications.

Tip: You can add email and instant alerts for the same user or group and ruleset to the same notification setup, instead of adding separate ones for each notification type.


  1. On the REPORTS menu, under the Safeguarding submenu, click Notifications.
  2. Click New notification, either leave the default group as "Everyone" or from the User / Group list, enter the name of the user or select the group that you want to create the notification for.
  3. If you've a multitenant license, select the Tenant that you want to use.
  4. If you're configuring an email notification, from the Send notification list, choose how often to the email notification should be sent.
  5. Choose whether to send an Email alert or an SMS alert.
  6. To send notifications for all rulesets, from the Select Safeguarding ruleset list, leave "All" selected, otherwise, select the relevant ruleset.
  7. From the Send notification / alert to email group list, select the relevant email group. If the email group that you want doesn't appear, use the email groups link at the bottom of the dialog box to add additional groups. However, this open the Groups page, so you lose any configuration previously entered in the New notification dialog box.
  8. Click Save changes.

Follow-up tasks

  • To edit a notification:
    1. From the Notifications table, place your mouse cursor over the relevant notification.
    2. Click Edit, adjust the configuration and click Save changes.
  • To delete a notification:
    • From the Notifications table, place your mouse cursor over the relevant notification and click Delete.