Creating report user groups and assigning users


  1. On the REPORTS menu, under the Settings submenu, click Groups.
  2. To create a new user group, under the Groups section, from the Group name list, select the next "Empty" group and click Select.
  3. Enter a meaningful Name for this group and click Save.
  4. To add a new user to the group, under the Add a user section, enter the user's Name, their Email address and their SMS number.
  5. To send reports in HTML format, select Enable HTML Email.
  6. Enter descriptive Comment for this user.
  7. To prevent emails and SMS going to that user but keeping them a member of this group, clear the selection for Enabled, otherwise leave it selected.
  8. Click Add.

Follow-up tasks

Note: Deleting a group also deletes all group members but doesn't remove the users from the directory.

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