About my account settings

In your account settings, you can change your name and your email address, and if you are using two-factor authentication, view your QR code.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is where you use two things to log in. In Safeguard's case, this is your email address and a code generated by an authenticator app linked to your email address login. You use the QR code generated by Safeguard to add your email address to an authenticator app that generates a new code every 30 to 60 seconds. You then use your email address, password and the periodically generated app to log into Safeguard. Only you can use your own QR code because this is linked to your email address.

To use two-factor authentication, every user needs to use an authentication app. For example, you can download Google's Authenticator or Microsoft's Authy. If your users don't have access to a smart phone to download an authentication app, you can download a desktop version of Authy or use their Chrome extension, see Microsoft's download page, Download Authy.