Raising a support request to the Smoothwall team

Note: The quickest way to get your support request dealt with is to call (0800 5999 041) or chat with us online. However, if you do submit a request with the support feature in Safeguard, please mention your school's name, so that we can find your school's data and help you with your support request.


  1. On the top navigation menu, click Support. You can also click and then Get Support.
  2. In the Support Request dialog box, type your schools name and the issue that you're having with Safeguard. Include staff members names and student's UPNs, where applicable.
  3. Note: You can review our knowledge base to see if your issue is listed there, see Safeguard Record Manager.

  4. Once you have given as much information as possible, click Raise Support Request.
  5. Warning: Do not click the button twice. This could duplicate and delay your support request.