Devices Page

Use this page to find the devices on your network that need attention.

Navigation: Devices.

not connected in over 7 days or sent data in over 5 days The summary of the device's status, which you can use to filter the list.
not connected in over 2 days or sent data in over 1 day
connected in the last 2 days and sent data in the last day
are not on the latest version
Search device name/serial no. Searches for the device by name or serial number. You can also search by the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) for Windows or Mac devices. Serial numbers are mostly for Chromebook devices.
Clear selected / Select all Clears the selected filters or selects all the filters.
Device name/ serial no. The name, serial or FQDN of the device.

Indicates the status of the device. like the filters

Version The version of the Smoothwall Monitor client software running on the device. You must check that you have the latest version available from the download site: You can deploy the client with an unattended installation for Windows and Mac. The Chrome extension should update by itself.
Operating system Indicates the operating system used by the device. Windows 7 and above, Mac OS and Chromebook are supported.
Last seen When Monitor last saw the device.
Last capture When the device last sent a message capture to our Monitor moderators.