About risk categories

Smoothwall Monitor assesses content generated on customer’s devices and uses it to build the following risk profiles.

Profile Description


(Bullying and Discrimination)

A person who singles out individuals for a campaign or intimidation, abuse, harassment and exclusion and may encourage others to join in. Someone who may post material intended to shame and humiliate their target and who regularly engages in personal abuse against others.
Cybersexer A person who makes frequent sexual overtures to others or engages in cybersex or talk of a highly sexual nature.
Offensive User A person who engages in high use of profanity, without personally abusing others in a bullying manner. One who may introduce subjects or images that are highly distressing to others.
Oversharer A person who regularly attempts to share personal information that would make them contactable online or offline or would result in a serious personal data breach.

Potential Paedophile

(Grooming and child sexual exploitation)

A person who is suspected to be over the age of 18 who has contact with someone who is suspected to be under 18 for sexual purposes. Who may establish trust with the child by appearing sympathetic to their problems and on their side, who may encourage the child to share details about their life or share information that will make then contactable online or offline.

A person who may establish the child’s sexual experience, desensitize the child to sexual discussion, normalize it and encourage the child to participate in it. Someone who may send or request nude photos or webcam sessions with the child and who may ultimately attempt an offline meeting.


A person who makes direct threats to undertake acts of terrorism including bombing, biological attack, kidnap and execution, against a high-profile person or the general public.


A person who promotes terrorist activity carried out by others as rational, morally just or a duty. One who encourages others to carry out unofficial or unauthorized acts of violence or intimidation against others in the pursuit of their political or religious aims. A person who encourages demonization of those outside their ideological sphere, often with the use of political or religious propaganda.

Vulnerable Person

(Suicide / Self Harm)

A person who makes credible threats of suicide or self-harm or engages in suicidal talk. Someone who appears to be at current risk of sexual or physical abuse offline or is giving indications of suffering from an untreated eating disorder, being severely distressed.
General Risk This is used for situations where our Risk Analysts have spotted something unusual or concerning which they feel the school should be alerted to, which doesn’t fit clearly inside any of the other category descriptions.