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Release 3
  • You can now see the time slots that you have created in your on-premise Filter on a new Time-slots page in Cloud Fitler. This release only offers a read-only view of the time slots objects. Full management will come very soon.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented folder to override their WHO.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the unpublished changes list to be lost after a failed publish.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the use of specific custom categories in policy.
  • Fixed a bug that caused category groups with custom categories to be badly imported from on-premise appliance.
  • Fixed a bug that caused children policy order to get out of sync after deleting policies or folders from the policy table.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed adding duplicate URL when creating a new custom category.
  • Fixed a performance issue when adding long and complex URL to a custom category.
  • Real-time signaling improvement when multiple users are editing the same custom category.
  • Other various minor bug fixes.
Release 2
  • The content of the pages is now center for a better experience on wide and high resolution screens.
  • Moved actions buttons to a sticky bottom bar on pages that can become too long.
  • Publishing a new configuration to the clients is now performed after data integrity check and successful ingestion in the Cloud, even when publishing from the on-premise appliance.
  • Custom category and category groups objects can now be deleted.
  • When creating or editing a category group, the number of selected categories is now displayed in the relevant filter chip.
  • Numerous copy changes to be more user-friendly.
  • Fix regression that prevented from managing the Custom Allowed Content and Custom Blocked Content categories.
  • Numerous bug fixes.
Release 1 Our first version of Cloud Filter contains a new user interface where you can view your web filtering policies in the new Smoothwall Portal. Cloud filter shows the policies, custom categories and custom category groups that you have in your on-premise Smoothwall Filter and Firewall.