Classroom Manager is based on getting its information from Google so if there is an error or a lack of information please check your Google account first.

Check that you and the student's devices are switched on and connected to the network and the network has access to the internet and that the student is logged in.

If you can't log in

Check that you can log into google and if you can't log into Google then the issue is with Google. However, if you can log into Google but not Classroom Manager then you need to let us know.

If no classes are showing on the My classes page

There might be an error in syncing. Log into Google and check your classes if you can see your classes fine but still can't see your classes then raise a support request.

Email support (put email to support.)

If you can't see any of your students in the Student list page

Log into your google classroom management and check that you have all of your students there.

If you still can't see your expected students raise a support request.

If there is a student is present but the student is not connected on the list, you need to check that the student's device is switched on and the student is logged in.

I can't start a session

If you get an error when starting a session, log out of Classroom Manger and try again but if you still can't start it you should contact support.

Session page isn't showing one or more student's screens

Check your and your student's network connection.

If you can't see a video of the student's screen the website might be one of the chrome setting pages where you can't grab the video stream so you should go and check the student's screen but you should still be able to see this in the displayed URL. For example, chrome://settings/.

Cannot extend a session

Cannot end the session

Cannot take snapshot

Can't take a snapshot of the chrome specific

A student has disappeared during an active session.

On the grid view the students status can be seen. The student needs to restart their chromebook.