• A capture with numeric value of importance; the value can vary from 0 to 5, 0 is awarded to captures without any grade by default, 1-5 is awarded to each capture by administrators and dependent on its perceived importance.
  • Information about an event which consists of a screenshot, the word or phrase itself and other additional information pertaining to user, machine, application title and date/time stamp.
  • System defined grades awarded to captures by an automatic script.
  • Calculated risk based on actioned or pregraded and volume of captures.
  • When enabled, displays number pregraded captures along with graded and/or risk, where risk is calculated on system defined grades and volume.
  • Overall theme of grouped captures.
  • A form containing configured data specific to the header title i.e. User Activity, contains a list of configured users and their associated capture counts, displayed by graded or pregraded risk.