Report Pack Logs Page

Use this page to review the status of report packs, when it was sent, who it was sent to and to download a PDF of the report pack.

Navigation: Reports > Report Pack Logs.

Report Pack Logs
SEARCH REPORT PACK The list of available report packs.
Report Pack The name given to the report pack.
Scheduled For When the report was scheduled to run.
Completed When the report was completed.
Run By Indicates who the report was run by, this might be "Automated" if the report was triggered by Smoothwall Monitor Self-service because you scheduled it to run. "Admin" indicates that just clicked Run now on the report pack.

If an individual report pack job is selected, the following information is also available to view:

Time When the selected report was run.
Message A summary for the report activity. Any errors are shown here.
Result A link to view a PDF example of the report contents that have been sent to recipients.