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Use this page to select a report template as the base of your report. You can use the Options on the left panel to adjust the report. These options change depending on the report that you select.

Word & Phrase monitoring reports
Words & Phrases Displays a list of users with the grand total of captures generated by the user and broken down into how many captures at each risk level grade. It also shows a helpful sideways bar chart next to each user.
Applications which have the most Word & Phrase captures Displays each application as a section, for example, APPLICATION: NOTEPAD.EXE. Under each application section it lists the users, devices and capture count.
Analysis of all captures for a single Word or Phrase Displays a graph of the amount of captures generated and when of a particular word that you enter in the left-hand filter panel at the bottom. It lists the associated user and device groups. You can see from the capture the risk level from the color of the line. Under the graph you can see a list of the user name, date & time, Windows title and the risk. The risk is indicated with a colored circle and indicates whether it's ungraded or if a grade has been assigned.
System reports
User and User Logons Lists all the associated groups. For each group it lists the users for that group and indicates when they are last active with the number of logons and when they last logged on.
Users Lists all the users.
Machines Lists all the devices.
Monitor User detail summary Lists all you user account details.
Monitor User summary Lists all of your sites users' details.
Summary reports
System summary Displays total number for a range of statistics for users and devices, word and phrase monitoring, and web monitoring and safety.
Word & Phrase monitoring summary Displays a summary total number for users with the most word & phrase captures, devices where the most word & phrase captures occur, and most captured words & phrases.
New reports
Chronological User/Machine Activity Report Displays a list of the associated groups and a list of users with capture/URL, DateTime, grade and F/Positive.
Risk Report by User/Machine Displays a list of the associated groups and a list of word/Phrase with the risk grade, total captures of the word, users count, and the devices count.
Capture Count Summary Displays a graph with the capture number and the date. Two tables below the graph display details for actioned and unactioned captures.