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Banning Users

Note: This topic applies to the Leeds Release.

You can ban an individual user from accessing the web. Unlike location banning, the user ban is only for a set period of time.

To ban a user, do the following:

1. Log in to the user portal — see Accessing the User Portal.
2. Select the BAN USERS menu option.

3. Enter the following information:
Username — Enter the username of the user you want to ban.
Ban expires — From the drop-down list, select the length of time for the ban. Valid values are: 15 minutes; 30 minutes; 45 minutes; 1 hour; 4 hours; 1 day; 1 week.
4. Click Add.

The ban is enforced and current status is displayed.

Note: Enforced bans can only be removed from within the Smoothwall. To lift a ban, contact your Smoothwall administrator.