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About Connect Filter

Note: This topic applies to the Leeds Release.

Connect Filter is a web re-director for Windows clients and devices. It enables you to enforce your organization's web content filtering policy on devices owned by your organization, wherever they are located.

By installing Connect Filter on devices, users' browsers are forced to send web content requests to Smoothwall proxies. Smoothwall proxies then enforce your organization's web content filtering policy by blocking undesirable and malicious content.

The following should be considered when using Connect Filter:

Connect Filter must be installed using administrative privileges. Users should not be given access to the administrator account on the device.
Users cannot remove Connect Filter unless they are using a device account with administrator privileges.
It is recommended that you tell users that Connect Filter has been installed on their devices, that web content is being filtered, and their browsing is being logged.
It is recommended that you provide users with a way of reporting problems with over- or under-blocking of pages, so that you can adjust your policy to suit your organization.

Note: Connect Filter and IDex Client cannot be installed together on the same machine.