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Managing Certificate Authorities and Certificates

Note: This topic applies to the Kenilworth Release.

You manage those certificates used by the Smoothwall to sign for services, such as, the Guardian's HTTPS inspection policies, here.

An italic certificate Name indicates a missing root certificate.

The Certificate column indicates when that certificate or Certificate Authority (CA) expires. Those that expire within the next six months have amber text. Certificates expiring within one month are colored red. Those in bold text have expired.

Certificate Authorities, that is, those that can sign for other certificates are indicated with an icon in the Key column. This column also indicates the algorithm used to encrypt the certificate, as well as the key size.

The Used by column indicates the Smoothwall services where the certificate is used:

Client Device Identification — see Identifying Global Proxy Clients and Devices
Guardian HTTPS inspection — see Managing HTTPS Inspections
User-facing HTTPS services — see Customizing the Administration User Interface

Note: Certificates for VPN services are still managed from the Network > VPN > Certificate authorities page (see Working with Certificate Authorities ).