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Using the SNMP Service

Note: This topic applies to the Kenilworth Release.

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is part of the IETF’s Internet Protocol suite. It is used to enable a network-attached device to be monitored, typically for centralized administrative purposes.

The Smoothwall’s SNMP service operates as an SNMP agent that gathers all manner of system status information, including the following:

System name, description, location and contact information
Live TCP and UDP connection tables
Detailed network interface and usage statistics
Network routing table
Disk usage information
Memory usage information.

In SNMP terminology, the Smoothwall can be regarded as a managed device when the SNMP service is enabled. The SNMP service allows all gathered management data to be queried by any SNMP-compatible NMS (Network Management System) devices, that is a member of the same SNMS community.

The Community field is effectively a simple password control that enables SNMP devices sharing the same password to communicate with each other.