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Using the Policy Tester

Note: This topic applies to the Inverness Release.

A policy is the web content filter applied to the user, designed to control the content the user is authorised to access.

The Smoothwall’s Policy tester enables you to test if a URL is allowed or blocked when requested. You can also check if a URL is allowed or blocked for a user, a location or a time.

Tip: Use the Policy tester to check that a URL is allowed when you need it, and to request that a blocked URL you need be unblocked by your user portal system administrator.

To use the Policy tester, do the following:

1. Log in to the user portal — see Accessing the User Portal.
2. Select the POLICY TESTER menu option to access the policy testing tool.

3. Enter the following information:
URL — Enter the URL to be accessed
Who — Optionally, enter the name of the user who requests the URL
Where — Optionally, select the location from which the URL is requested
When — Optionally, select at what time the URL is requested
4. Click Test.

The user portal displays whether the URL is allowed or blocked for the option(s) you have specified.

5. Depending on your login credentials, you may be able to click Request block or Request unblock to send a request to your Smoothwall administrator to block or unblock the URL.

Note: The Request block and Request unblock buttons are only available if your user portal system administrator has configured the portal to make them available.