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About Anti-Spam

Note: This topic applies to the HTTP1.1 Release.

Note: Anti-Spam is a Smoothwall add-on module. It is not included in Smoothwall by default. For more information about Anti-Spam and how to purchase it, visit

Welcome to Anti-Spam, Smoothwall’s add-on module for protecting email servers and users by blocking malware and spam at the network perimeter.

Anti-Spam provides:

Mail relaying — Relay inbound and outbound SMTP traffic, transparently if required
Malware scanning — Drop, bounce, neutralize or log email which is carrying malware
Anti-Spam and quarantine — Reduce and eliminate junk email and SMTP abuse
Mail archiving — Backup mail for specific domains or email addresses
POP3 proxying — Transparently proxy POP3 traffic, scan for viruses and protect against spam
Queue and log viewing, reports and alerts.