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Installing in Firewall Mode

Note: This topic applies to the HTTP1.1 Release.

This section describes how to install the appliance as a firewall. Typically, this is used in a Unified Threat Management installation.

To install the appliance as a firewall, do the following:

1. Place the appliance in a stable and secure location.
2. Connect an Ethernet cable from your network switch to port 1 of the appliance.
3. Connect an Ethernet cable from a port on the appliance to an external network, or internet-connected router or firewall.

For example:

4. Using the AC power cord, connect the appliance to the power supply.

The appliance boots.

If the appliance does not power on and boot automatically, use the power switch on the back panel; for S10 appliances, hold down the key on the keypad for one second to power on the S10 appliance.

For a detailed description of how to register your appliance, see Accessing the Smoothwall .