About the VPN Menu

Note: This topic applies to the Glamis Release.

Note: A Unified Threat Management serial is required to use the VPN service. For more information, contact your Smoothwall representative.

You can configure multiple VPN tunnels through the Smoothwall here:




Used to show the current status of the VPN system and enable you to stop and restart the service.

Certificate authorities

Used to create a local certificate authority (CA) for use in an X509 authenticated based VPN setup. It is also possible to import and export CA certificates on this page.


Used to create host certificates if a local CA has been created. This page also provides controls to import, export, view and delete host certificates.


Used to configure global settings for the VPN system.

IPSec subnets

Used to configure IPSec subnet VPN tunnels.

IPSec roadwarriors

Used to configure IPSec road warrior VPN tunnels.

L2TP roadwarriors

Used to create and manage L2TP road warrior VPN tunnels.

SSL roadwarriors

Enables you to configure and upload custom SSL VPN client scripts.