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Configuring an NTLM Authentication Policy

Note: This topic applies to the Framlingham Release.

Users using Secure Global Proxy must be authenticated using NTLM, providing at least one layer of protection between the user, and the proxy server and service. You must set up your Smoothwall with the correct NTLM authentication policy.

You do this as follows:

1. On the Smoothwall, go to Web proxy > Authentication > Policy wizard.
2. From the Step 1: What panel, configure the following:
Type — Select Non-transparent.

For more information about non-transparent, and transparent authentication policies, see Creating Authentication Policies.

Method — From the drop down list, select Global Proxy using NTLM.

You use this authentication method for connections from all remote devices.

Interface — From the drop down list, select the relevant interface for your Smoothwall.

Note that even if your Smoothwall has multiple internal interfaces, you can only create one Global Proxy using NTLM authentication policy. Enabling this policy automatically adds firewall rules to allow external access to the proxy port. If your Smoothwall uses primary and secondary external connections, Secure Global Proxy will listen on the primary connection.

Port — From the drop down list, select the relevant port number for your Smoothwall to listen on for proxy requests.

Note that the internal port assigned here will also be opened on this external interface.

3. You can either choose to have web traffic from all devices on your network redirect to Secure Global Proxy, or just those from a specific location, or locations.

Note that the location chosen must include all possible external and internal addresses that the devices might use.

From the Step 2: Where panel, either add the location where this policy will apply to, or recreate and add a new location.

4. From the Step 3: Options for authenticated requests panel, tick Enable policy.
5. Click Confirm.

For more information about configuring authentication policies, see Creating Authentication Policies.


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