Safeguarding Page

Use this page to investigate user safeguarding breaches.

Generate a new report by using current data
Report against Indicates the category and user group to run a report against.
Date range The duration to cover in the report. Custom date ranges have a limit of 31 days. This does not restrict how far back you can start the report from, just the length of time reported on.
Run report Generates the report.
Print Prints the report. Printing the Full report from this view expands the breaches for each user, therefore your report will be many pages longer. Consider narrowing the date range before clicking Print.
User (Group) The username and authentication group of the user who made the breach Users are listed in the order of breach level plus frequency of the breach, from the most severe and frequent breaches down to the least.

A Safeguarding level is calculated for each breach, providing a visual indication of the severity of the breach:

  • Danger — Red label, breaches with this level should be acted upon immediately.
  • Caution — Yellow label, you should take the necessary action with these breaches.
  • Advisory — Blue label, this level advises that a Safeguarding breach has been detected.
Safeguarding The matched categories from that user's breach or breaches.