About safeguarding breach investigations

The Safeguarding report opens with breaches from the Radicalization ruleset, from yesterday by default.

You can allow User Portal users to run the Safeguarding Full report from the Smoothwall User Portal. Available Safeguarding data is dependent on the location of the Smoothwall User Portal used to run the reports, that is, the IP address linked to the tenant. You can make other tenants' data available to this User Portal. Select those tenants from the list for the latter behavior or leave this option blank for the former. The Safeguarding feature can help you with your organization's internet safety legislative responsibilities regarding Internet use. The Safeguarding report shows any worrying website visits or search term usage.

Users are listed in the order of breach level plus frequency of the breach, from the most severe and frequent breaches down to the least.


Safeguarding rulesets are predefined lists of criteria denoting browsing behavior. These include several filter lists, both included and excluded, and a breach level. The following rulesets are available:

  • Abuse
  • Adult content
  • Bullying
  • Criminal activity
  • Radicalization
  • Substance abuse
  • Suicide

Note: The filter lists belonging to each ruleset are subject to change and are constantly evolving.