Generating reports


  1. In the Smoothwall User Portal, click REPORTS.
  2. Under the Generate a new report using current data section, expand the report listings to find the report and click the report name to generate it.
  3. When prompted, enter a Report name and any extra report parameters to customize the report for your operational needs, for example, change the Date range.
  4. When you're ready, click Run report, and then click OK.

Your report appears under the View a previously generated report section. To view the details, click the report name. Alternatively, to open the report in another format, from the Select format list, choose a format to download the report in.

Follow-up task

Tip: You can select multiple reports to delete at the same time or select the option in the list header to select all reports for that section.

  • To delete reports, under the relevant section, find the report that you want to delete, select the box next to it and click Delete.