Policy Tester Page

Use this page to test whether a URL is available to a specific group at a specific location and time. You can then also request to block or unblock the URL. However, your administrator needs to turn on the outgoing mail server in the Smoothwall Filter and Firewall for this function to work properly.

Policy tester
URL The URL that you want to test.
Who Who you want to test the URL for.
Where The location from where you want to see if the URL can be accessed.
When Test if the URL can be viewed during a certain period.
Test Performs the test and displays the results below.
Policy type Indicates the policy that the URL is affected by.
Who Who the policy is applicable to.
What The category that affects this URL.
Where Where this URL can be accessed from.
When What time of day can this URL be accessed from.
Action What action does the policy take, for example, allows or blocks the URL.
Description Indicates other factors that might affect this URL.
Request block / unblock If your administrator has configured this, sends a request to either block or unblock the URL.