Creating an unattended installation - KB


  1. To go to the product download page:
  2. From the IDex Client and Agent Software list, download the IDex Client for macOS installation package IDexClient_macOS.pkg to a shared network location.
  3. Use TextEdit to create a plain text file called idexclient.settings containing the host IP address and the port number configured for the Connect Filter using the following format:
    • SmoothwallIpAddr=
    • SmoothwallPort=12345

    Note: Replace the IP address and Port numbers shown with those configured for the Smoothwall Filter and Firewall IP address configured for communicating with the IDex Client and the Connect Filter configured port.

  4. Save idexclient.settings to the shared network location containing the installation package IDexClient_macOS.pkg.
  5. Command-line package installation can be performed with: sudo installer -pkg IDexClient_macOS.pkg -target /