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To update to the latest release, see our help topic, Installing or scheduling an update or a release.

What's New:

The Leeds-30 update fixes a number of bugs:

  • Ref.10522 Can't have @ sign in comment on backup
  • Ref.10403 Block page server will not start with large time drift.
  • Ref.10544 Cloud filter can't diff a configuration that has the "broken meta-data" version of blocked and allowed
  • Ref.10550 Datastore fails ingesting cloud access log due to null name for custom categories
  • Ref.10552 Sometimes the directory for the cloud access log ingestion output is missing
  • Ref.10556 Locations can upload null exceptions / sources when that element is missing, leading to issues in cloud
  • Ref.10554 Existing group mappings not correctly uploaded to cloud due to GUID issues
  • Ref.10547 9380cloudingestorredis second boot script is missing execute permission

This release provides two-way synchronization with the Smoothwall's new Cloud Filter user interface.


The Leeds-28 update fixes a number of bugs:

  • Ref.8527 Cron job activity is written to inappropriate log file
  • Ref.9681 Datastore creating large indexes when search terms contain many spaces
  • Ref.10387 ConfigModel code cleanup
  • Ref.10448 Azure AD authentication with NTLM ident
  • Ref.10488 The /getmitm page is easily mis-spelled
  • Ref.10489 Backup SMB : SMB destination comment field is not populated.
  • Ref.10491 It is possible for Guardian settings to get written as a zero byte file
  • Ref.10493 Disdbd/IDex Cluster logs fairly useless journal rotated message
  • Ref.10494 Cron stderr/stdout is written to /var/log
  • Ref.10497 Custom category page writes out every category, even when you edit only one
  • Ref.10500 g3v3 log format has 'minecategory' where should be 'mimecategory'
  • Ref.10501 Adding a comment field in the policy file breaks the policy once you save it
  • Ref.10507 New customer out the box web proxy doesn't link interfaces
  • Ref.10508 Safeguarding not sending Instant alerts (If SMTP doesn't connect when service starts)
  • Ref.10512 Disabled auth directories do not have status icon
  • Ref.10514 Content categories that end with [NEW] in the UI do not filter search terms correctly
  • Ref.10515 Webfilter Real Time Log graph labels are invisible
  • Ref.10526 Cloud log uploading update for new reporting service.
  • Ref.7791 When disabled, Swurl appears to be trying to connect
  • Ref.8163 Swurl's logging is excessive
  • Ref.10418 Azure AD : Better error handling needed
  • Ref.10422 Proxy Authentication policies loose interface bind.
  • Ref.1088 Search term filtering should strip more characters
  • Ref.969 trafficlogger sometimes spams syslog
  • Ref.5158 Support for "no-cache" directive in tag caching
  • Ref.5159 Support for "Date" and "Expires" headers in tag caching

In addition, this update supports the new revision of Cloud Reporting.


The Leeds-27 update fixes a number of bugs:

  • Ref.10453 RADIUS Accounting stop/starts can arrive at Smoothwall out-of-order when roaming
  • Ref.10460 Smoothwall Backup - Samba Hidden shares do not work
  • Ref.10461 Cloud config is uploaded by all members of a cluster which causes too many updates
  • Ref.10467 Bandwidth Traffic Graphs not available over 20+ interfaces
  • Ref.10471 Update category groups for Cloud UI
  • Ref.10472 Reverse proxy shows squid version
  • Ref.10474 IPSEC subnets cannot use SHA2 hash algorithm
  • Ref.10476 ""Unexpected write" and "Upstream has died" errors could have better debug"
  • Ref.10503 Cloud filter bypass old boot script still exists
  • Ref.10458 Groups not correctly ingested from cloud logs
  • Ref.10377 IPSec VPN shows as closed on web ui but active from a network perspective
  • Ref.10421 Azure AD : Sync button missing.
  • Ref.10444 Cloud config generator creates new guids on each run
  • Ref.10449 Allowed and Blocked custom category missing full name when empty

The leeds-26 update resolves a number of issues arising from the introduction extended interfaces on the web filter.

  • Ref.10426 SSL login redirect loop work on the 21st interface
  • Ref.10439 Web Content Filter service does not start if Auth Policies have Interface with no IP
  • Ref.10464 WCCP issues after updating to Leeds-24
  • Ref.10443 TwoFactor.pm gives undefined value warning

The leeds-25 update fixes a number of bugs:

  • Ref.9063 No report can be run for usernames with non-ascii
  • Ref.10368 Smoothwall::Theme::Menu has unwanted debug to httpd error log
  • Ref.10413 NTP: VLAN Interface IP not written to ntp.conf
  • Ref.10423 Cloud log ingestor doesn't paginate results correctly
  • Ref.10432 Menu generates unnecessary logs
  • Ref.10433 Theme.pm generating unnecessary logs
  • Ref.10290 Directories page runs auth diagnostics on refresh and is slow
  • Ref.10435 Cloud config does not include blockpage or banned users
  • Ref.10438 Config generator needs to inform cloud that new config is ready
  • Ref.10400 Cloud filter bypass secondboot tries to run even when Guardian not installed
  • Ref.10434 Permissions.pm gives undefined error
  • Ref.10415 Updates displayed in a confusing order
  • Ref.10440 Globals.pm writing debug information to logs
  • Ref.3470 Unable to enter in username for SMTP reports settings with a \
  • Ref.9296 Google Directory Sync displays time of last sync in UTC instead of local time

The Leeds-24 update fixes a number of bugs:

  • Ref.9973 Idex Client proxy will fail in some cluster scenarios
  • Ref.4583 Backup transfers limited to scp
  • Ref.10414 HTTPS Certificate length problematic for IOS 13.1
  • Ref.9837 Monitor not sending emails for ipsec VPN disconnects after a log rotate

In addition, Leeds-24 allows AzureAD connections to map users and groups. This should support Idex Client and 802.1x authentication methods, but will not support methods which require knowledge of the password (eg. SSL login, Proxy Auth). Customers are advised to update to Leeds-28 in order to successfully map groups with this feature.

Per bug 4583, backups to windows shares are now supported in addition to traditional scp transfers. Smoothwall strongly recommends backing up your configuration, and periodically proving that the backup is working.


The Leeds-23 update fixes a number of bugs:

  • Ref.10298 In some circumstances IDS/IPS alerts are not sent
  • Ref.9729 Email date incorrect
  • Ref.10371 IPSec tunnels with multiple subnets display as unknown in logs
  • Ref.10380 Failure to detect hard disks during install on certain hardware


  • Support for latest S10 and S14 appliances.
  • Support for transparent proxy on > 20 network interfaces

The Leeds-22 update fixes a number of bugs:

  • Ref.8452 Alert Email Reboot System 1B not being sent
  • Ref.9729 Email date incorrect
  • Ref.9736 Daily, weekly, monthly safeguarding notification emails are sent empty if no breaches are found
  • Ref.10172 Safeguarding report issue
  • Ref.10325 Smoothwall logo on HTTPS inspection warning page, low quality and misaligned
  • Ref.10333 Blacklist 'ast' driver for Supermicro 6019U platform
  • Ref.10388 Google Auth as used by Connect for Chromebooks doesn't support multitenant


  • Added support for Chrome filter to bypass on-premise filtering for users of hybrid on-premise/cloud filtering.


  • Logs from Cloud Filter clients are now downloaded every hour - previously this was daily. Reports, log viewers and safeguarding alerts will contain data approximately 1 hour after browsing occurs on a Cloud Filtering client.

The Leeds-21 update fixes a number of bugs:

  • Ref.3605 G3 cannot listen on aliases
  • Ref.9670 Safeguarding email report - final field too small (URL field too large)

In addition Leeds-21 enables Guardian Web Filter to listen on all interfaces, including those above the historic limit of 20.Please update any cluster or HA systems to 20, stop, then update to 21.


The Leeds-20 update fixes a number of bugs:

  • Ref.7612 Email and Webfilter logs no longer visible to restricted admin users.
  • Ref.4720 DHCP conflict between dynamic range and static allocation
  • Ref.9997 File Descriptor / Socket Leak - MonitorD Couldn't Create Email Socket
  • Ref.10215 Monitor output by email only allows authenticated SMTP that's also encrypted. This isn't clear in the UI
  • Ref.10228 Multiple VPN Subnets: Subnet Validation Failure
  • Ref.10334 IPSEC tunnels with multiple subnets no longer match GUI Log viewer so all tunnels show up as unknown
  • Ref.10358 Real time firewall logs UI bug
  • Ref.10361 Cloud reporting daemon uploading too many small files
  • Ref.7817 Monitor Alert - Attempts to send emails to contacts with no email address (SMS Only)
  • Ref.7844 Registration information accepts invalid email
  • Ref.10336 cloudrepd cleanup fails
  • Ref.7987 Onavo VPN not blocked by NAVLD engine

From this update onwards, web proxy policies (deciding which IP and port the filter listens on) will no longer be replicated. This is to support the ability of the filter to listen on more interfaces, which comes in Leeds-21. Leeds-20 will need installing before you can get Leeds-21.


The Leeds-19 update fixes a number of bugs:

  • Ref.10344 Wide characters not handled correctly in cloud config upload
  • Ref.10298 IDS/IPS not emailing after roughly 24 hours of uptime
  • Ref.7797 Could not fetch guardian licenses
  • Ref.8811 Guardian3 backup settings missing from Diagnostic Configuration report
  • Ref.8963 Invalid translation string on scheduled reports page
  • Ref.9283 Intermittent blockpage on a specific URL
  • Ref.9393 Having two domains in upstream proxy filter causes squid to not start
  • Ref.9398 Large IP ranges in guardian locations will slow down Portal locations page
  • Ref.10134 ssl login allows upload of svg, but serves it with incorrect MIME type, which stops it from working
  • Ref.10189 Deleted category group not removed from filter
  • Ref.10262 The "Welcome Messages" field is excluded from full system backup archive
  • Ref.10268 NEW UI : Mouse over table rows creates an inducing flash as you mouse over the areas
  • Ref.10321 Search menu overlaps menu options
  • Ref.10324 Link on initial setup page points to 'www.smoothwall.net/support' which returns a 404
  • Ref.10329 Guardian3 client config upload security issue
  • Ref.10340 Interface report does not include traffic information
  • Ref.8576 Bonding/Teaming 2 interfaces together to improve bandwidth, both interfaces with the same IP.
  • Ref.10235 cloud reporting (cloudrepd): cache directory uses /run which runs out of disk space quickly
  • Ref.4640 logs doesn't show protocol 41 or 47
  • Ref.2130 support NIC Trunking

In addition, Leeds-19 introduces the ability to team or bond NICs into the same switch for bandwidth as well as reliability.It is strongly recommend that users upgrade through leeds-19 to maintain a secure Smoothwall system.


The Leeds-18 update fixes a number of bugs:

  • Ref.9982 Missing CA Certificate - Entrust Certification Authority
  • Ref.10076 Missing CA Certificate - Symantec Class 3 Secure Server CA
  • Ref.10111 Missing Certificate Authority - Thawte RSA CA 2018
  • Ref.10114 Missing CA - QuoVadis EV SSL ICA G3
  • Ref.10137 Server's Certificate not signed by trusted CA
  • Ref.10175 RapidSSL RSA CA 2018 - Missing CA certificate
  • Ref.10213 missing intermediate cert GeoTrust RSA CA 2018 in SW system CA
  • Ref.10225 Missing Intermediate CA GeoTrust TLS RSA CA G1
  • Ref.10249 Missing Sectigo CA from smoothwall CA store
  • Ref.10276 New UI: Show/hide options stay in position on screen instead of attached to the list.
  • Ref.10277 NEW UI : Available/Included boxes aren't spaced correctly and Add/ Remove buttons are positioned horizontally instead of vertically and are too far over to the included box
  • Ref.10278 New UI: Enable button label ends up on a new line
  • Ref.10293 Missing Certificate GlobalSign Extended Validation CA - SHA256 - G3
  • Ref.10311 NEW UI : web filter policy wizard on multi tenancy: Select the drop down and then the top UI and the tenants drop down will be displayed over the top menu
  • Ref.10312 .nccp.netflix.com's Netflix, Inc. certificate expired
  • Ref.10322 Smoothwall pages are not compressed or cached during download leading to excess network traffic
  • Ref.8581 Apply button does nothing on portal report date picker
  • Ref.10252 WebUI white lines issue with new ui - Interfaces
  • Ref.10265 NEW UI : IP details under external connection on the dashboard have a grey background applied
  • Ref.10272 NEW UI: Settings Page Layout all out of line
  • Ref.10273 New UI : Network > Configuration > DNS Page Alignment issues
  • Ref.10274 NEW UI : Buttons and content too close together.
  • Ref.10280 New UI: Radio button labels too close to the button
  • Ref.10282 New UI: Tick/cross icon positioned too low
  • Ref.10284 NEW UI: Table styling needs to be fixed across the whole system.
  • Ref.10318 NEW UI : Calendar Colours still in old Smoothie Blue!
  • Ref.10323 WebUI issues with Leeds-13 - Multiple Gateway options when adding a new IP

The Leeds-17 update fixes a number of bugs:

  • Ref.9910 Samba returning short domain name in lower case
  • Ref.9350 About page has "mailshell" info which is no longer needed
  • Ref.10018 Self MITM instructions are wrong for iOS
  • Ref.10248 Google directory groups mapping blank when a group has incorrect name
  • Ref.10267 New UI: When the Smoothie is rebooting the message is still in the old UI Blue format
  • Ref.10308 Downloading CSV report can run out of RAM
  • Ref.10271 NEW UI: Date selection dropdown background cut off
  • Ref.10309 Quota Duration missing numbers on the slider
  • Ref.8328 Multi-select dropdown escapes from scrolling modals
  • Ref.10279 NEW UI : Quick links, policy tester selection boxes too short.
  • Ref.10294 New UI - Functionality tests - no dropdown for the results
  • Ref.10297 policy tester returning a "deleted category" when category group is blocked inside the tenant specific section of Guardian
  • Ref.10315 WebUI issues with Leeds-13 - Reporting time slot selector is broken
  • Ref.10307 Blacklist rds_tcp.ko (cve-2019-11815)
  • Ref.10310 The ordering of categories and category groups don't seem to follow alpha-numeric, making them hard to find in large deployments.
  • Ref.10316 within the tenants window under Add New Directory clicking up/down invokes auto scrolling
  • Ref.10317 Error from bypass driver in boot logs

Additionally there are performance improvements in the portal and authentication.


The Leeds-16 update fixes a number of bugs:

  • Ref.10287 mssing GUI path on bottom left corner in leeds 15
  • Ref.7557 Adding a tenant on a box with 500 tenants can take 3+ minutes to complete saving
  • Ref.10286 Auth page slowness when adding group mappings

Additionally, Leeds-16 improves the online help, and adds 2 factor authentication for the administrator UI.In this release, the anti-spam component is removed, per last year's communication. Pop3 proxy has also been removed. Email relay remains available.


The Leeds-15 update fixes a number of bugs:

  • Ref. 10041 Portal prints HTML to page instead of displaying the UI.
  • Ref. 10188 localhost@localdomain suffix is used instead of real hostname for outgoing SMTP Requests via Monitord
  • Ref. 10220 Safeguarding reports are blank on the portal when only selecting one tenant
  • Ref. 10232 UI Policy Tester - SSL handshake error when Block by Drop enabled
  • Ref. 10233 Portal Policy Tester - Allowed result when Block by Drop is enabled
  • Ref. 10234 Unable to run any Safeguarding reports in the Portal
  • Ref. 10237 Search terms not using square brackets in the Portal.
  • Ref. 10240 HASH reference error using policy tester.
  • Ref. 10241 All local groups are visible when running Safeguarding reports in a tenant portal.
Leeds-14 The Leeds 14 release adds support for the cloud filtering clients.
Leeds-13 This release includes a re-branded UI, and some other UI improvements.

The Leeds-12 update fixes a number of bugs:

  • Ref.10073 Safeguarding Instant alerts stopped working.
  • Ref.10107 SafeGuarding alerts for multiple groups not working
  • Ref.10202 Safeguarding notifications randomly fail
  • Ref.10211 Safeguarding daemon syslogs as smoothwall
  • Ref.10214 Safeguarding suppressions act across watch groups leading to missing alerts

This release also contains the Smoothwall-side daemon for the new cloud reporting suite which will become available later in 2019.

Leeds-11 Leeds-11 is a rollup release refreshing drivers for the next generation of Smoothwall hardware.

The Leeds-10 update fixes a number of bugs:

  • Ref.5488 IPsec Site to Site to support multiple subnet masks
  • Ref.10188 localhost@localdomain suffix is used instead of real hostname for outgoing SMTP Requests in Alerting
  • Ref.10184 GUI jumps back to first tenant when creating or changing a filtering policy
  • Ref. N/AMemory leak in reporting engine

Additionally, a new type of web filter block action is configurable: "drop connection", which does not display a block page, rather drops the connection at layer3


The Leeds-9 update fixes a number of bugs:

  • Ref.7586 Admin Bypass fix
  • Ref.8812 Wrong Guardian files in Diagnostics Configuration Report
  • Ref.10179 Radar Lite not handling exclusions
  • Ref.7018 Guardian 3 locations case issue
  • Ref.8545 Unusable Guardian exception IP shows invalid IP address
  • Ref.8874 Time slots allow spaces between days
  • Ref.6650 SSL Login page doesn\'t tell a user if they have reached their concurrent logins limit
  • Ref.8509 Blockpage emails have reply-to set as the name not the email address
  • Ref.9225 Ability to Set MTU on Route and IPsec Subnet VPNs
  • Ref.9770 Smoothwall saving scheduled reports, even though save option not ticked
  • Ref.7393 Email alert is not sent out on login failure
  • Ref.9600 Guardian 3 segfault in cfg_free
  • Ref.6501 Blocklist updater permissions fragility
  • Ref.8488 Softblock control not included in default Blockpage template
  • Ref.3746 Confusing error message if an item in a TaggedItemList has more items than expected
  • Ref.5504 Quota policy rule IDs don\'t match up with UI when disabled quota policies are present

In addition, Google Directories are now re-synchronised automatically overnight.


The Leeds-8 update includes support for search term filtering in RADAR lite, and fixes a number of bugs:

  • Ref.9086 VPN certificates are signed using inappropriate hash algorithms
  • Ref.8895 Commas in values not quoted/escaped in report csv output
  • Ref.9122 CSV export of reports malformed
  • Ref.10142 Wide character issue in blockpage
  • Ref.10173 Guardian access logs corrupted due to malformed UTF-8 character
Leeds-7 The Leeds-7 release provides your Smoothwall support for the RADAR lite Safeguarding add-on.

The Leeds-6 update fixes a number of bugs:

  • Ref.8900 UTF-8 username in Guardian policy is corrupted on edit
  • Ref.8144 Portal gives block / allow options for
  • Ref.9059 A user with a unicode character in their name can not use the admin bypass option
  • Ref.9351 Historic Portal logs don't show.
  • Ref.9367 Portal configuration page save corrupts settings for the groups that user bans can be applied to
  • Ref.9401 Usernames containing UTF8 characters cannot use softblock or quotas
  • Ref.6664 Block page server not running makes Guardian behave oddly
  • Ref.7727 Portals not sorted alphabetically in portal user exceptions add user dropdown
  • Ref.7728 Portals not sorted alphabetically in portal groups add group dropdown
  • Ref.8117 Blockpage does not support UTF-8
  • Ref.8145 Cannot administer room blocking on a child node message displayed on child node which isn't subject to replication
  • Ref.7729 Welcome message is blank when creating a new portal
  • Ref.7878 Portal user has no control over locations when they have been mapped to a portal
  • Ref.8979 uninitialized value in portal location block when access by user
  • Ref.9400 Portal login fails if username is in more than 1 group
  • Ref.9490 Several pages have lists that randomly re-order themselves on page load
  • Ref.4825 DG3 segfaults when given a relative PID file path

The Leeds-5 release fixes the following bugs:

  • Ref. 10148 Pipelined requests fail when whitelisting.
  • Ref. 10147 HTTP1.1 compatibility improvements
  • Ref. 10145 Unneeded reporting running uses resource incorrectly
  • Ref. 10143 Address object content disappears when the object has the same name
  • Ref. 10127 Guardian timesout when using the admin bypass controls on a blockpage
  • Ref. 10067 VPN subsystem still used md5 checksum for CA
  • Ref. 10001 Datastore produces too many log entries
  • Ref. 9942 Layer 7 Signature required for X-VPN
  • Ref. 7182 Installer fails on Citrix Xen 6.2

The Leeds-4 release fixes a number of bugs:

  • Ref. 10124 - Scheduled Reports no longer email out on Leeds-3
  • Ref. 9588 - Local users could log in even when disabled
  • Ref. 9242 - Password field overzealous validation
  • Ref. 10105 - HTTP login keepalive parity
  • Ref. 10104 - SSL login memory leak
  • Ref. 9980 - Certificate missing from store (+ numerous other certificates updated)

The Leeds-3 release fixes a number of bugs, including:

  • Ref. 10093 - Ensures safeguarding emails and scheduled reports can be sent to an external mail server using TLS
  • Ref. 9918 - Ensures safeguarding notification emails are correctly formatted when there are no alerts
  • Ref. 10011 - Ensures hostname comparisons are case-insignificant when location matching
  • Ref. 10101 - Resolves upload issues in HTTP 1.1
  • Ref. 5017 - Overmatching in whitelist rules no longer occcurs

In addition this release improves the performance of the Chromebook Authentication service for managed devices.


The Leeds 2 release fixes a number of bugs from previous releases:

  • Ref. 9888 - Ampersand reporting issue
  • Ref. 9354 - JSON logging issue creating spurious error messages
  • Refs. 10044, 10053 - cached reports can fill root partition
  • Refs. 783, 10067 - MD5 hash issue in OpenVPN
  • Ref. 8215 - OpenVPN download issue

The Leeds 1 release adds support for HTTP 1.1 in Guardian.

Additional Web proxy options added for Guardian content filtering:

  • Via header option to omit Smoothwall in the Via header, used to trace which proxies a connection has been through.
  • X-Forwarded-For option to enable identification of the originating IP address of a client connecting to a web server through an HTTP proxy.

The Leeds Release provides tools to comply with stricter Data Protection legislation, eg the GDPR. Other enhancements include support for TLS mail servers when sending Safeguarding reports and other alerts.

Guardian policy changes are now written to an audit log, and the Certificate Authority is linked from the Secure Login Page such that BYOD users can configure their devices to allow Smoothwall’s SSL inspection.

The Idex identification client has seen a number of improvements, particularly for larger installations and multi-tenant.

Finally, the VPN subsystem compatibility and security has been improved - for example it is now possible to connect a VPN to the Azure cloud.

New features:

  • GDPR compliance tools
    • Subject Access Request Report to extract all log data for a given user ID
    • Right To Be Forgotten tool to make all data about a given user ID anonymous.
  • TLS encryption in SMTP clients, allowing Smoothwall’s alert emails for safeguarding and other matters to be encrypted in transit where your mail server supports it
  • HTTPS inspection page link, to ease SSL inspection on BYOD networks


  • VPN enhancements:
    • VPN now supports more DH groups
    • IKEv2 supported
    • Simplified setup
  • Security enhancements - a number of key packages have been updated
  • IDex Enhancements:
    • Better support for large numbers of groups
    • Now supports DHCP monitoring for improved accuracy

Bugs Fixed:

  • Ref. 9961 Security issue resolved in SSL login (Thanks to partner 9ine for reporting this)
  • Ref. 6767 Fix Squid information leak in squid