Settings Page

Use this page to enforce client certificate checking and downloading the certificates to use.

Navigation: WEB PROXY > Global Proxy > Settings.

Device identification
Client supplied certificate This is the most secure client device identification method. Any client attempting to use the Global proxy service must have the client-side SSL certificate installed and present. Download and distribute this client-side SSL certificate to all devices configured to use Global proxy.
Secure URL Add an additional query string (text) to the Global proxy URL. Useful as a compromise between ease of configuration and security.
No identification Where client device authorization is not needed, access to the Smoothwall Filter is subject to supplied user credentials, and traffic filtered accordingly. Devices not supplying user credentials are typically assigned to the "Unauthorized IPs" group and filtered as that group.
Certificate password Many systems and client applications (such as iOS, IIS) need certificates to be protected by a password when they're imported.
Download Certificate Downloads the certificate.
Save Changes Saves your changes.