Bandwidth limiting Page

Use this page to configure bandwidth limiting policies. For example, to stop a user or group of users from overloading your connection to the Internet.

Navigation: WEB PROXY > Web proxy > Bandwidth limiting.

Bandwidth limiting policies
Who The users, groups, or both to whom the policy applies.
What What is filtered.
Where Where the policy applies.
When When the policies applies.
Bandwidth limit (Kbyte/s) The number of kilobytes per second to which bandwidth is limited when this policy is applied.
Allocation Indicates if the bandwidth is shared among All clients on the network or Each client, determined by IP, not by user or group.
Enabled Indicates if the policy is active.
Delete Removes the policy.
Edit Opens the bandwidth limiting policy for you to edit.
Up Moves the selected policy up in the policy table. Ordering policies enables you, for example, to apply one policy to a user and another policy to the group the user belongs to.
Down Moves the selected policy down in the policy table.
Create a new policy Opens the policy wizard so that you can create a new policy.