Configuring the web proxy with proxy auto-config (PAC) scripts


On the WEB PROXY menu, under the Web proxy submenu, click Automatic configuration.

  • To use a built-in script:
    1. Select the Built-in option.
    2. To not use the Smoothwall Filter when connecting to local addresses, select the Bypass proxy server for local addresses option.
    3. So that the the Smoothwall Filter proxy uses its domain name instead of IP addresses in the configuration file, select the Refer to the proxy by domain name option.
    4. In the Exception domains and IP addresses box, enter an IP address, IP address range, network address or hostname that users might access directly.
    5. Optionally, click Advanced » and in the Exception regular expression domains box, enter one regular expression domain per line that users might access directly.
    6. Click Save. The Smoothwall creates the script and makes it available at: http://Your_System_IP_address/proxy.pac.
  • To use a custom script:
    1. Select the Custom script template option.
    2. Click Download, use the built-in template as starting point for creating a custom script, and then save the script to a suitable location.
    3. Edit the file and save it with another name.
    4. Click Choose Files, find the script and click Upload. The script is available at: http://Your_System_IP_address/proxy.pac.
  • To manage the configuration script:
    • Under the Manage configuration script policy section, from the Interface list, select the address that the configuration script should direct clients to and click Save.