About client interfaces

You can force your user's browsers to send web content requests to the Smoothwall Filter and Firewall proxies so that you can filter or block undesirable and malicious content. To do this, you can use the Connect Filter or IDex.

Note: You can't install Connect Filter and IDex Client together on the same device.

Connect Filter

Connect Filter is a web redirector for iOS-based, macOS-based and Windows-based devices. It enforces your organization's web content filtering policy on devices owned by your organization, wherever they're located. Connect Filter runs as a client service on each networked device and it forces the browser to send web content requests to the Smoothwall Filter proxy. The Smoothwall Filter proxy then enforces your organization's web content filtering policy by blocking undesirable and malicious content.


IDex is a way for the Smoothwall Filter to know who is logged in and where on your network. This means that the Smoothwall Filter can apply the appropriate filtering and firewall settings based on who you are and your group membership, not just the device that you happen to be using.


The IDex Client acts as a miniature local proxy on macOS and Windows-based devices. It forwards usernames, group membership, and information about web requests to the Smoothwall Filter for web filtering purposes. Each web request is identified individually, and it can identify multiple users logged on the same device, for example, you switch users without logging out. Local user accounts are identified by the device, and users behind a NAT connection.

The IDex Client runs without any interaction from your end-users, gathering necessary information directly from the device. This has the advantage of not being reliant on a working connection to your domain controllers to be able to function correctly. If users can log onto the device, information can be captured. Additionally, no direct communication path is needed between the Smoothwall Filter and the Active Directory.