About swurl

A swurl is a collection of users and the lists that those users can edit. A swurl list contains a list of web content that your organization allows or blocks access to. A swurl consists of one or more users. A swurl also consists of lists of URLs. Users within your organization can use swurl to allow or block access to content on the Internet by managing lists of ULRs. However, you need to link swurl to your Smoothwall by entering your organization's account details in your Smoothwall.

Creating swurl user accounts

These are users who can allow or block access to web content. Administrators manage swurl users by creating, editing and deleting user accounts.

When you've configured your organizations’ swurl account on your Smoothwall, (see our help topic, Linking your organization's swurl account to your Smoothwall Filter and Firewall), lists are placed on the Smoothwall Filter automatically ready for use in web filtering policies.