Creating custom categories

Note: You can add content to built-in categories provided when you purchased your Smoothwall Filter but you can't delete any built-in categories. For example, categories found in the Standard Categories folder and the two categories, Custom blocked content and Custom allowed content found in the Custom Categories folder.


  1. On the GUARDIAN menu, under the Policy objects submenu, click Categories.
  2. Check to see if the URL is already categorized, under the Search tools section, enter the URL that you want to test and click Find categories. This might take some time. Once the search has finished the results are loaded in a table.
  3. To view the details of the category and load it under the Manage categories section, click the category name.
  4. Under the Manage categories section, enter the Name of your category.
  5. Enter an optional descriptive Comment for your category.
  6. From the Tenant list, select the tenants to use this category.
  7. Enter the Domains/URLs for this category.
  8. Tip: If you have several domains that you can copy and paste, click Edit in full-text mode and paste the list of domains. To make sure that they appear in the list correctly, you can click Edit in list mode.

  9. To add more aspects to the category, click Advanced ».
    1. Enter Search terms, surrounded by delimiters, per line.
    2. Enter URL patterns, by using a PERL compatible regular expression, per line.
    3. Enter the File types or file name extensions, one per line. You must include the dot (.) when entering file name extensions, for example, .doc.
  10. Click Save.

Follow-up tasks

  • To edit a custom category:

    Note: If you're using a multitenant configuration, you can't change the tenant assigned to a category, as that category might form part of a category group or tenant-specific policy.

    1. Under the Categories section, find the category that you want to amend and click Edit.
    2. Adjust the configuration and click Save.
  • To delete a custom category:
    • You can't delete a category if it's in use in a policy. You must first remove the category from the policy.
    • You can't delete a built-in category, see our help topic, About categories.
    • Under the Categories section, find the category that you want to delete and click Delete.