Adding domains to the SMTP relay for incoming email


  1. On the EMAIL menu, under the SMTP submenu, click Internal domains.
  2. Under the Add domain to relay section, in the Domain to relay for, enter the domain that you want to accept email for. For example, to accept email for people at Smoothwall, enter:
  3. Enter the Relay IP address of the email server that the incoming email is relayed to. In most cases this are an internal IP, usually the email server behind your Smoothwall.
  4. To turn on the antimalware scanning for the specified domain, select the Anti-malware scanning option.
  5. To append the text entered in the Footers page to all outgoing email except HTML and signed email, select the Append footer option.
  6. Enter a descriptive Comment for the domain, make sure that the new domain is turned on with the Enabled option selected and click Add.