About system settings


You can manage updates, system restore points, modules, licenses, archives, and scheduled updates. You can also shut the Smoothwall down.

Central management

You can monitor and manage nodes, scheduled updates and keys.


You can customize your dashboard, the time zone of your Smoothwall Filter and Firewall, your web proxy and the host name of the Smoothwall Filter and Firewall.


You can enable secure access to your Smoothwall, manage user accounts and passwords, and manage your tenants.


You can manage your uninterruptible power supply, specify what your Smoothwall should do in the event of a hardware failure and configure the keyboard layout.


You can test your Smoothwall settings, create diagnostic files, use ping and trace route IP tools to diagnose a problem and find out who owns a specified IP address or domain.


You can manage your certificate authority certificates for clients and gateways and those certificates used by the Smoothwall for external service.