Add new certificate

Use this dialog to add a new certificate.

Navigation: SYSTEM > Certificates > Certificates for services > New certificate.

Add new certificate  
Authority Creates a certificate that's also a certificate authority.
Name A meaningful name for this certificate. This is only for information purposes and doesn't form part of the certificate. The entry for Common name is used by default.
Common name The name to be used for this certificate. Typically, this refers to an organizational role, such as, This School District's MITM Certificate.
Organization The organization's name for this certificate. The default organization name is the one for the Smoothwall entered at registration time.
Alternate names If the certificate is valid for more than one domain, list them in the Alternate names box. For example, a certificate for the Google domain might also be valid for:,,, You can also list IP addresses here.
Email Additional details for the certificate.
Locality or town
State or province
Comment A descriptive comment.