Failover Page

Use this page to configure the primary system for failover.

Navigation: SYSTEM > Hardware > Failover.

Enabled Turns on the failover function.
Auto failback Indicates that the failover unit hands back control to the master automatically when the master starts to respond after a hardware failure, turns off its configuration and services and return to standby status.
Keep-alive internal The interval after which the master and failover unit communicate to make sure that the master is still working. The default is 1 second. In non-congested networks, we recommend a very short interval. It is undetectable in terms of system performance.
Dead time How long after the failover unit has become aware that the master is no longer responding it should wait before taking over from the master.
Master heartbeat IP The IP address for the primary system.
Failover heartbeat IP The IP address for the failover unit.
Netmask A netmask.
Generate failover setup archive Generates the archive and prompts you to specify where to save it.
Enter standby mode Forces the Smoothwall unit into standby mode.