Setting up the failover in the primary Smoothwall



  1. In the primary Smoothwall, on the SYSTEM menu, under the Hardware submenu, click Failover.
  2. Under the Heartbeat section, click Enabled.
  3. If you want the failover unit to hand back control to the master when the master starts to respond after a hardware failure automatically, click Auto failback.
  4. From the Keep-alive internal list, select the interval after which the master and failover unit communicate to make sure that the master is still working.
  5. From the Dead time list, select how long after the failover unit has become aware that the master is no longer responding it should wait before taking over from the master.
  6. Under the Networking section, enter a Master heartbeat IP address for the primary system.
  7. Enter a Failover heartbeat IP address for the failover unit, enter a Netmask, and click Save.
  8. On the SYSTEM menu, under the Maintenance submenu, click Shutdown.
  9. Select Immediately and click Reboot. The browser refreshes back to the sign-in page once the reboot has completed.

Follow-up task