About multitenant managed services

Multitenant means more than one organization or school using a single Smoothwall.

Smoothwall multitenant managed services, referred to as multitenant, is designed so that you can deploy your Smoothwall Filter as a managed service for discrete individual clients, referred to as tenants. It provides a means of logically partitioning a Smoothwall into multiple virtual instances. Each instance, or tenant, applies a core set of policies for all customers, and policies designed for individual tenants.

A multitenant system can only provide filtering services to clients configured as tenants. You can't configure your Smoothwall to support tenant, and non-tenant modes.

Multitenant managed services

  • Central administration control over all tenants
  • Maintains data integrity between individual tenants, ensuring no data or policy overlap
  • Tenant-level control of report generation
  • Tenant specific category filtering, and content modification rules