About host names

You set the host name for the Smoothwall during installation. However, you can use the administration interface to change the host name at any point.

Changing the host name causes the Smoothwall to regenerate its SSL certificate. You must reimport it to any hosts that have imported the original certificate, for example, those that use SSL log ins.

The Smoothwall Filter and Firewall identifies itself to the network by default by using its IP address. You can change this so that it uses host name identification instead, but you must make sure that the host name can be resolved.

For centrally managed Smoothwalls behind a load balancer, host name redirection is to a common, shared host name for the cluster, not to the host name of the parent node. When Hostname is selected for the System identification method, the user interface advises the host name used. To change the host name used, go to the SYSTEM menu, under the Central management submenu, click Settings, see our help topic, Setting up a centrally managed system.