About registration options

You can use an upstream registration proxy if your ISP needs it. Additionally, the Smoothwall Filter and Firewall provides detailed information back to Smoothwall about the status of your system and web filtering statistic.

Providing statistical information to Smoothwall

Depending on the add-on modules installed, the following additional information might be sent:

  • Enabled status for optional services
  • The number of configured interfaces, and whether they're internal or external
  • Authentication service settings, and the configured directory service types
  • Manufacturer name and product name
  • Main board manufacturer and main board product name
  • The Smoothwall Filter policy and category statistics
  • The Smoothwall Filter request rate, and latency performance statistics
  • The accuracy of the web filter, including any unclassified domains
  • Selected log entries, including those identifying:
    • System reboots
    • System shutdown
    • Fatal errors from the Smoothwall Filter
    • Fatal errors from authentication services
    • Kernel errors indicating a process has terminated unexpectedly or due to a lack of memory
    • Disk overload due to throughput

Note: Smoothwall takes every available measure to make sure that data can't be associated with your organization, and no personal information is ever sent. Usernames and passwords, and sensitive information aren't sent. Any potentially identifying information is summarized and made antonymous before sending.

Extended statistical information is sent to Smoothwall Filter and Firewall by default, but you can turn this off.