Settings Page

Use this page to set your Smoothwall as the parent or child node in a centrally managed system.

Navigation: SYSTEM > Central management > Settings.

Local node options
Node role Indicates if you have a central management system set up and if this Smoothwall is the "Parent" or the "Child" node.
Central management options
Node identification

This determines how nodes are identified for redirection purposes:

  • Use individual node settings — Indicates that each individual node can use their own IP address or host name.
  • All nodes use the hostname <hostname> — The host name specified here is used instead of the individual node's host name for redirected requests. This overrides the host name set on the Hostname page (see our help topic, Changing the system's host name and how it identifies itself to the network).
Manage central management keys
Central management key Available when you select the "Parent" Node role. Every child node in the same cluster must have the central management key from the parent installed.
Download Downloads the key in PEM format.
Parent's key Available when you select the "Child" Node role.