About DHCP Server

Note: You need to perform further configuration so that the DHCP server can assign these settings to requesting hosts. You must add dynamic ranges and static assignments to the DHCP subnet so that the server knows the addresses it should allocate to the various network hosts.

You can use the DHCP service to create DHCP subnets. Each subnet can have several dynamic and static IP ranges defined.

Dynamic ranges are used to provide the DHCP server with a pool of IP addresses in the DHCP subnet that it can dynamically allocate to requesting hosts.

Static assignments are used to allocate fixed IP addresses to nominated hosts. This is done by referencing the unique MAC address of the requesting host’s network interface card. This is used to make sure that certain hosts are always leased the same IP address, as if they were configured with a static IP address.

In addition to the manually adding static DHCP assignments, you can add static assignments automatically from MAC addresses detected in the ARP table.