Policies Page

Use this page to add a filter, an action, a time period, and level of severity to a policy.

Navigation: SERVICES > Message censor > Policies.

Service settings
  • IM proxy incoming — Applies the policy to incoming instant message content.
  • IM proxy outgoing — Applies the policy to outgoing instant message content.
Select Displays the policy details in the Policy settings section.
Policy settings
Filter The filter to use.
Time period The time period to use or accept the default setting.
  • Block -Content matched by the filter is discarded.
  • Censor -Content matched by the filter is masked but the message is delivered to its destination.
  • Categorize -Content matched by the filter is allowed and logged.
  • Allow -Content matched by the filter is allowed and isn't processed by any other filters.
Log severity level The level to assign to the content if it violates the policy. Based on the log severity level, you can configure the Smoothwall to send an alert if the policy is violated.
Group user group this policy applies to.
Comment an optional description of the policy.
Enabled New policies are turned on by default. Clear the option to create an inactive policy.