About Google authentication

If you want to use your Google account as your directory to authenticate and apply filtering policies based on the user, whether their device is a Chromebook or not, you need to connect your Smoothwall Filter and Firewall and your Google account. You need to add our Smoothwall Connect for Chromebook Chrome extension to your Chrome browsers. It was originally built for Chromebooks only but you can install this on Chrome browsers for non-Chromebook devices, such as Windows-based and macOS-based devices. The extension is installed on the Chrome browser and applies your filtering policies wherever the device is located.

To connect your Google account to the Smoothwall Filter and Firewall you need to supply your Google account Client ID and Client Secret so that there can be communication between Google's OAuth servers and the Smoothwall Connect for Chromebooks Chrome extension to confirm the user's sign-in credentials and apply the relevant filtering policies.

You need to do a bit of setup in your Google Admin account including but not limited to the proxy settings so that all your devices are setup to proxy through the Smoothwall Filter and Firewall. As well as deploying the Smoothwall Connect for Chromebooks Chrome extension to all your devices.