Use this page to set up the Smoothwall so that users can connect their own wireless devices to the network.

Navigation: SERVICES > Authentication > BYOD.

Server certificate The server certificate used to identify the server.
CA certificate The digital certificate issued by the Smoothwall certificate authority (CA).
Download CA certificate Downloads the certificate for the Smoothwall Filter and Firewall, so that you can make it available in a way supported by those affected devices.
Authorized RADIUS clients
Add new RADIUS client Opens the Add new RADIUS client dialog box.
Name The RADIUS client name.
IP address The RADIUS client's IP address.
Access control rules
Add new access control rule Opens the Add new access control rule dialog box.
Group The user group for the access control rule.
Rule The action for the rule, for example, this is either Block or Allow.
Enabled Indicates if the rule is active.
Forward RADIUS accounting to
Add new RADIUS server Opens the Add new RADIUS server dialog box.
Name The RADIUS server's name.
IP address The IP address of the RADIUS server.