Banning users temporarily

  • Only administrators and accounts with Temp ban access can manage banned accounts.
  • If you have the Smoothwall Filter, the user sees the block page when they attempt authentication during the temporary ban.


  • You can apply any web filtering policy to the Banned users group.
  • There's also a ban option on the User activity page.
  1. On the SERVICES menu, under the Authentication submenu, click Temporary bans.
  2. Click Add new temporary ban and enter the Username of the account that you want to ban and the Tenant.
  3. Click Ban expires and either click Now to start the ban immediately or select the date and time of when the ban expires and click Apply.
  4. Enter a descriptive Comment and click Add.

Follow-up tasks

  • To remove a temporary ban, under the Current rules section, select the ban and click Remove.
  • To remove an expired ban, under the Current rules section, click Remove all expired.