About network configuration

When you set up your Smoothwall for the first time, you can add various types of interface connections with various roles to your Smoothwall and allocate them IP addresses. During installation of your Smoothwall you can specify the Domain Name System (DNS). You can create Smoothwall Firewall rules for traffic flowing through the Smoothwall Filter and Firewall, rules to allow specific services to connect to the Smoothwall Filter and Firewall and allow it to connect to those services and block peer to peer traffic across the bridge interface. Generate additional routing information so that the system can route traffic to other subnets via a specified gateway and turn on and configure the Routing Information Protocol (RIP) service on the system.

View the current status of the VPN system and you can stop and restart the service. Create a local certificate authority (CA) for use in an X509 authenticated based VPN setup. You can import and export CA certificates on this page. Create host certificates if a local CA has been created. This page also provides controls to import, export, view and delete host certificates. Configure global settings for the VPN system, IPsec subnet VPN tunnels and IPsec road warrior VPN tunnels. You can also create and manage L2TP road warrior VPN tunnels and configure and upload custom SSL VPN client scripts. You can create and edit IP address objects for use in networking configuration, service objects for use in networking configuration. You can also configure advanced network and traffic auditing parameters.